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材质及特性 Material and features:



Use American LED chips,single integrated LEDs is more than 100W.


Use innovation Vapor Chamber technology,combine LED chips technology on board,achieved chips thermoelectric separation, effective improvement chips and radiators heat-transfer rate.



Delicate aluminium alloy extrusions, using air fluid mechanics principle,ventilation and transparency radiation fin,reduces LED flood light wind resistance during overhead working. and come ture air natural convection to heat dissipation .


According to the characteristics of outdoors,construction site, mines etc dusty environments.Carry out professional design,using ventilation and transparency radiation fin,effectively avoid dust pile up on radiation fin,ensure to heat dissipation function of radiation fin,prolonging the life of LEDs.


light weight and adjustable angle.


Unique optical lens, scientific lighting distribution according to application.


Suitable used for factory, industrial place, sports field, gas stations, parking lots, station hall, railway stations, ports, docks and mobile light tower etc.


尺寸 Size: 




配光曲线 Photometrics:



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