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JR Lighting LED chips

  • publictime:2017-08-04
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Many customers will ask where your product advantage.


Of course, our flood lights have many prominent points. This time, I will 


introduce our LED Chip points to everyone.



Material: Our LED chip usually use the Bridgelux, Philips,Lumileds, 


Samsung brand. Many LED chips group into large size unique LED COB 




Technology: Use leading no gold line eutectic welding. To avoid risk of 


LED open circuit, LED chip is welded onto ceramic substrate by eutectic 


welding, no gold wire for electrical connection. Meanwhile, thermal 


resistance is reduced to minimum.



Cheap inferior low LED products light, fast decay, impossible to achieve 


the energy saving effect,


And high quality LED products than ordinary energy-saving fluorescent 


lamp energy saving at least 50%.


JR Lighting with high-quality LED chip, really help customers realize 


"three provinces", that is, save electricity, save money, save worry.

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